Monday, 24 March 2014

The power of Content Management System (CMS)

A group of application and tools that helps in creating, editing, reviewing and publishing an electronic text is termed as content management system. This is also called as web management system.

The Content Management System offers a simple Graphical User Interface to an ultimate user with the help of which he can create, edit and manage his web page almost without any technical knowledge in web designing.

The Content Management System has two components in it .Content Management Application (CMA) the editing component and the Content Delivery Application(CMA) the publishing tool. When the former helps the user to create and edit, the latter helps him to publish the same in his web page.

Most of the customer chooses Content Management System for basic content site, blog, news, online shopping etc. Social Medias such as Facebook and twitter rely on popular Content Management Systems for their integration.

Although many CMS are available at free of cost in the market some are charged. Some are simple to operate while some are complicated and need technical assistance. Some are multilingual that supports multiple language.

The CMS uses templates. This helps the user to change the structure of his site rapidly and randomly without much inconvenience. The structure and appearance of the electronic page could be changed by a single click.

The CMS ensures security of the content. It can access an effective control over who publishes on the site and who is allowed to visit the same.

The CMS helps in developing SEO friendly web sites. They so technical work like creating XML maps, monitoring key words usage etc., to make the site friendlier to search engines like Google.

The CMS reduces the cost of possessing and maintaining a website, thus increases the profits. It also provides multiple pages to upload unlimited content by the user.

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