Thursday, 29 January 2015

Responsive web designing and its importance

The term web design includes all those various skills and techniques that are involved in production and maintenance of a web site.

The term responsive web designs refers to those websites that are designed to give an user an optimal user experience in accessing a web irrespective of the device that he is in use of, be it a desktop, a smartphone, a tablet or an iphone. Like how a liquid takes the shape of a container, these designs do take the shape of the screen that is in use. It is a user friendly graphical design so that it adjust its fonts and images to fit to the screen in use with the help of flexible grid lay outs.

There is a wide increase in the usage of smart phones and tablets in the last decade. Therefore the need for a friendlier web design which enable the user to have an optimal experience in browsing and navigating depending upon the choice and preference of the user, iphone, ipad or a smartphone with android OS or windows OS arose.

The world’s most popular search engine Google also recommends responsive web design because it uses single URL and the same HTML for both the devices, desktop and mobile phones. This avoids further duplication of the same web sites.

Social networking like Facebook and twitter are becoming increasingly popular and has become an ultimate part in each and every one’s life now. Maintaining single version for their operation in desktops and mobiles helped them to rise to such great heights.

Digital marketing is another important aspect that demands responsive web designs. The modern world is increasingly digitized. Anyone could buy and sell anything from anywhere to anyone across the world through web. With a well triggered web design any company could attract its prospective clients eliminating national frontiers even.

Modern technology demands responsive web designs to compete and to survive in market to give the customer an optimal user experience.

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