Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Reasons for adapting Open Source Technology in Web development

Open source technology is software wherein the end users can not only view the source codes but also can edit and modify it to customize to match their requirements without incurring any costs for the same.

In open source technology a community of skilled developers joins their hands together in the formation of a solution to serve the general public for the good of the community and let other developers to work on it to improve its functionalists to arrive at new innovations every now and then.

The core concept of Open source technology is that the community developers while working on it fixes a bug while he finds it and start over to arrive at a solution as quickly as possible unlike in case of proprietary software.

Many business and Government organizations make use of open source technology even after the period of recession, makes it obvious about its distinct features apart from cost, for its adaption.
Security: Since the source codes are constantly examined and evaluated employing the technical skills of multiple developers it is highly secured against any flaws.

Superior quality: Countless developers work on and on, on these open source software developer Chennai to enhance the product and develop innovative features on the product.
Customizable: Since it is open source code any business user can take out any piece of software, customize it to match their expectations to arrive at the desired end result.

Self-control: There is no single vendor lock-in in case of Open source technology as the control lies in the hands of the user of the solution.

Trial and buy: Since the open source software is made available to the user at free of cost any user can make a trial out of it before deploying the same.

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