Monday, 28 April 2014

Tips to Select an Outsourcing Partner in India

The availability of more skilled labor with cost effective services has made India to be the prime outsourcing destination. Since there are many outsourcing companies available in India it has become a difficult task to select the right choice.

The following guidelines would be of due help in the process of selecting a right outsourcing partner in India.

Define your business objectives: The desired benefits of outsourcing includes freeing up the management time to concentrate on core competencies, adding capacity and skilled labor to increase efficiency at reduced operational costs etc., rather than mere cost cutting. Therefore a clear description of the scope of the tasks with their intended benefits is essential for a healthy outsourcing relationship.

Check their experience: An analysis of the prior experience of the intended outsourcing partner to their services to different types of customers, to their number of successful projects and to their knowledge and expertise in your scale of business is essential before selection.

Ask for references: Before initializing an outsourcing relationship it is inevitable to ask for their references with the help of which you could derive at a clear picture of the quality of their services, timely execution of the projects and after sales customer support services.

Assess their financial stability: In case of long term relationships it is inevitable to assure that the Outsourcing Partner India has sufficient working capital and is financially secured enough to ensure smooth functioning of the project execution.

Good communication in client management: In business outsourcing it is necessary to ensure the same language of communication (English) and proper channels of communication such as email, phone, Skype etc., to be accessible round the clock to have constant communication with the Offshore Development Company partner for effective client management.

Request for samples: It is feasible to evaluate the ability of the outsourcing partner with the help of samples. Further a request for a prototype could be made to assess the quality of the end results.

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