Friday, 2 May 2014

Benefits of Using .NET in Developing Business Websites

Modern businesses rely on the IT departments not only to justify their existence but also to earn increased revenue at decreased operational costs. In this process of helping business organizations to attain their business goals, IT departments need to choose right technology to develop strategic applications.

One such technology has been created by Microsoft, the .NET, which reduces the development time and produces quality, reliable and salable applications. It provides a platform-independent framework which enables the developers to quickly build, deploy, and manage Web-based applications, XML Web services applications, Web Application Development and smart client applications.

.NET comprises of re-usable codes and components it takes less time for the developers to write the codes to develop the application. Reduced time incurs less developmental costs to have a higher ROI with a quicker payback time. Thus helps the company to arrive at increased revenue at decreased costs.

.NET offers many advantages to the programming world. Listed below are some of the key benefits.

Robustness: .NET comprises of more robust managed codes and monitors its execution. Therefore, it is not only able to catch bugs but also could stop and correct them before causing any significant damage to the application.

Multiple versions: COM components are difficult to deploy. But .NET Programmer Indiastays out of the conflict and enables the execution of multiple versions of the single application written in managed codes without crashing into each other.

Security: .NET has its best tools that identify the nefarious software that is hiding on a computer and prevents the security breaches well in advance.

Speed: the developers make use of per-made components and tools in the process of software creation they are extremely high power and robust programs at unprecedented speeds.

To conclude, the time value of money has made the businesses to adapt to .NET as the smarter way of establishing more efficient business practices.

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